Case studies - Disappearance of persons

Disappearance of persons

Case study – June 2017.

Disappearance is a cause of concern most often for those at home, such as family or employers, who fear the worst when there is no information available to them. Once a person is located, it is possible to know what to do next to help, but before that, there must be searches and, if necessary, rescue costs too.

A family was on a cruise holiday together in the Caribbean. When the ship berthed in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, the family decided to split up for the day and meet back at the ship that evening. Father and son decided to head to the zoo, while mother and daughter opted for a day of shopping instead. As they headed towards a meeting point to be transported to the zoo, the son, while running across the street, was struck by a vehicle. The father hailed a taxi and instructed the driver to rush them to a hospital. He was very upset and, mostly importantly, did not tell either his wife or the ship what had happened, which meant that when the ship was due to depart, the two were (missing) unaccounted for. The wife and daughter, badly worried, had no idea whether to remain with the ship or stay in Santo Domingo and rang the CAP 24/7 assistance center for help.

In disappearance cases, one of the first things a crisis consultant will do is check hospital casualty departments for new admissions. The boy was admitted overnight and thus easily located by the consultants. The wife and daughter were then given the option to return to the ship or, if they preferred, stay in Santo Domingo. In view of the fact that the boy was asleep and his father was with him, they decided in the end to re-board the ship. The ship put out to sea and father and son were able to rejoin them the following day when the ship docked at the next port of call.

All the above costs would be covered by a standard Extramile Policy, Section 1 Medical Expenses and Section 4 Responsive Disaster Recovery*.

*Subject to any policy deductible applying.
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