Case studies - Medical emergency

Medical emergency

Case study – September 2017.

In September 2017 our client’s employee collapsed whilst on duty at 2am in the morning with severe abdominal pain whilst working on a remote part of an Iraqi oilfield with only basic medical facilities on site. The Site Manager straight away called our in house claims emergency number which was answered by our Senior Vice President.

Immediately upon receipt of the information we arranged for a Consultant from a Private Hospital in Baghdad to call the site clinic to ascertain our clients condition. Following the remote triage it was decided an immediate move to the Baghdad hospital for monitoring and potential surgery was required. Within an hour secure transportation had been arranged (travelling at night in Iraq in certain places can only be undertake by trained operatives and specialist vehicles due to the security risk) from the site to a Private Hospital in Baghdad. There it was decided to monitor and administer antibiotics under controlled conditions. The clients condition improved dramatically over the next 96 hours to the point where they were able to be repatriated to their country of residence by normal airline with an accompanying nurse. to be treated under their own countries National Health Service which was the clients preferred treatment option.

In disappearance cases, one of the first things a crisis consultant will do is check hospital casualty departments for new admissions. The boy was admitted overnight and thus easily located by the consultants. The wife and daughter were then given the option to return to the ship or, if they preferred, stay in Santo Domingo. In view of the fact that the boy was asleep and his father was with him, they decided in the end to re-board the ship. The ship put out to sea and father and son were able to rejoin them the following day when the ship docked at the next port of call.

Under our standard Extramile policy the costs incurred within Iraq would be met under Section 1 Medical Expenses including Medical Repatriation*.

*Subject to any policy deductible applying.
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