Case studies - Kidnap, extortion and detention

Kidnap, extortion and detention

Case study – January 2016.

In January of 2016, whilst traveling on vacation in Tunisia, a client was stopped at an impromptu checkpoint near the Al Zaytuna Mosque in the Medina Quarter of the capital city of Tunis. The client had arrived in the country one day ahead of his friends and decided to visit the Souk located near the mosque.

When told it would cost him the equivalent of US $50 to pass through the checkpoint, they refused to pay what they later referred to as a bribe. Refusing to pay the fee, they were then arrested and transported to a local jail for failing to produce proper immigration documentation (despite the fact that the policy had confiscated their UK passport).

After several hours, they were allowed to make a phone call, at which time they contacted the 24/7 assistance center to seek advice and assistance.

FocusPoint immediately dispatched a local Crisis Consultant to the jail to attempt to their release. The local authorities initially refused to allow this, which resulted in FocusPoint leveraging local legal resources to support the efforts to attain the release of the individual. After approximately 18 hours the release was obtained, albeit without the individuals passport being returned, which the authorities had denied ever taking.

FocusPoint Crisis Consultants helped to facilitate temporary travel documents and secured a commercial flight for the return to the UK. FocusPoint ground assets provided secure transportation for whole party back to the airport. All costs were paid.

Under our standard Extramile policy the costs would be met under Section 4 Responsive Disaster Recovery and Section 5 Travel*.

*Subject to any policy deductible applying.
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