Case studies - Natural disasters

Natural disasters

Case study – August/September 2017.

The following is an example of where our Emergency Service Partner, FocusPoint, provided assistance via their 24 hour Crisis Response Centre, (CRC) in the aftermath of the Hurricane Irma (FLORIDA) and Hurricane Harvey (HOUSTON) events.

During these mass catastrophe events, public service response infrastructure was overwhelmed. The 911 call center in these hurricane-ravaged regions experienced wait times of 5-7 minutes just to have the initial call answered. In most cases, the 911 center was only able to take the callers’ information and advise them that they would do whatever possible to help, but could not commit to a specific timeline for emergency response dispatch or arrival.

The client a company with employees working in the area effected by the Hurricane, contacted FocusPoint and utilized their 24-hour CRC to handle all of their emergency calls to and from employees, their management and security team, as well as FocusPoint. Using their CRC, employees could report their location, situation and other information immediately, without any wait, which was relayed to their company. In emergency situations, FocusPoint’s Crisis Response Center personnel engaged multiple emergency sources in an effort to get a response to those in need. In addition, when needed, their CRC personnel provided “Emergency Call Support”, providing callers with information that could help save their lives.

The CRC team also provided a complete history of all calls via their CRISIS Operations System. This is an automated operational log that the FocusPoint Crisis Response Center utilizes to log all operational information, to include incoming and outgoing calls, caller details, caller status etc. This log was provided to the client several times each day.

In these types of catastrophes our emergency service partner, FocusPoint’s CRC can enhance the traveler’s protection from that offered by standard “Call Center” operations because standard “Call Center” Operations:

  • may not have personnel trained as emergency or crisis responders;
  • may not be capable of supporting the wide array of needs;
  • may not be able to count on expenses guaranteed by us to resolve an individual traveler’s need to manage the crisis situation and allow that traveler to count on resources for safety/safe harbor.
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