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  • Should our quote meet your requirements and you wish to proceed with the policy, we assume you have read and understand the importance of Your Duty of Disclosure;
  • You or anyone travelling with you have not made any claim under any travel insurance policy within the past 3 years.
  • That you are of sound health with no pre-existing medical conditions except for those catered under the 'Pre-existing Medical conditions covered by your chosen Policy' section of your policy document.

Please review your policy below for reference:

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By cheking this box you acknowledge you have read and undertood your obligations to us in providing correct information for us to base the Premium and Conditions for your specific insurance policy, key to this is Your Duty of Disclosure.

If you do not understand Your Duty of Disclosure or do not wish to tick the box then we are unable to proceed further with the issuance of your policy.

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Pre-existing Medical Conditions are as standard excluded under your policy, however if the Pre-existing Medical Conditions are:

  • Listed within the list of the 'Pre-existing Medical Conditions covered by your chosen Policy' section of your Policy document;
  • Controlled on medication prescribed by a medical practitioner;
  • Not required any specialist treatment for 24 consecutive months;

Then this exclusion will not apply. The cover only applies to the listed conditions and will only apply if we are advised of the conditions at the time of you are purchasing the policy.

Please review your policy below for reference:

Please tell us if the condition(s) for this traveler is listed within the 'Pre-existing Medical Conditions of your chosen policy'?
Please tell us which condition(s) is this traveler suffering from?
It is very important that you let us know about all pre-existing medical conditions. If you're declaring on behalf of another traveller, please make sure that you know full details of their medical history. If you miss to tell us something, it could invalidate the policy or result in a claim being refused or reduced.

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